About goMobi web builder

First launched in 2010, goMobi is an award-winning solution to create sophisticated mobile-first web presences for all devices in use today; phones, tablets, desktops and more. It makes it easy to create quality web experiences via a web-based design tool, automatically from existing web content, or from static sources of information such as a database, a CRM system or even a simple web form.

Currently available through a global network of reseller partners, goMobi is built on a highly flexible and extensible reseller platform to handle provisioning and fulfilment and management of goMobi sites.

goMobi is a product of Afilias Technologies (trading as dotMobi), an expert provider of mobile and web technology focused on helping businesses harness web diversity to provide a competitive advantage in a multi-screen world. In addition to goMobi, our products include DeviceAtlas, the world’s leading source of detailed and up-to-date device intelligence, mobiReady a testing tool to evaluate your site’s mobile-readiness and the mobile marketing and development resource site mobiForge.

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DeviceAtlas - Try the world’s leading mobile device detection solution

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mobiForge - Learn everything about mobile web technology.

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