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General FAQs

How do I create goMobi sites?

In two ways: You can automatically create a goMobi site from a desktop site. Just enter your desktop site URL and we will do the rest. Your site will reflect the same look and feel as your desktop site. Alternatively, create a custom website in minutes, no desktop site required, the choice is yours. With the Control Panel you can build a web presence in minutes and edit it whenever you wish.

Do I need technical experience to use the goMobi?

No technical or coding experience is required to create a great looking mobile-friendly websites with goMobi. However, you can view and modify the source code of features that have a WYSIWYG editor. You can add any 3rd party code to the features/pages of your site that have a WYSIWYG editor.

Do I need a domain name to build a goMobi site?

No, but you can use our Free 3rd level domain option if you like. You can also add your own domain at any time.

Do you display ads on your Free Sites?

No, goMobi free trial sites do not carry ads.

Do you offer mCommerce?

Yes. You can create a shopping cart and sell up to 50 products via PayPal.

What languages are supported?

The goMobi Control Panel tool (used to create and manage sites) is available in 14 languages: US English, UK English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Slovenian, Chinese (Simplified), Turkish and Polish.

  • - The site owner can create their site in any language
  • - The site visitor can translate the mobile site into 30+ languages

Do I need a desktop site to create a goMobi site?

No. goMobi offers a really easy way to get up and running with a website that will work on mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Will goMobi replace my desktop site, or be in addition to my desktop site?

You can use either approach. If you already have a full desktop site, you can use a goMobi mobile site to deliver mobile-friendly web content to visitors on the go. You could also use goMobi to cater for mobile traffic as well as desktop by enabling Tablet/Larger Screen layouts in addition to Mobile Phone Layouts.

Does goMobi provide Analytics?

Yes. The Control Panel tool has a custom analytics tool for site owners to track how much traffic is coming to their site. Site owners also have the option to add Statcounter or Google Analytics to their site.

Is there any way to remove goMobi branding in the footer of the site?

Yes. Go to the 'Site Footer' panel in the Design area of the 'Control Panel' tool and select the 'Turn off Footer Branding' option.

I already own a domain name, can I use it for my mobile site?

Yes. Just make sure that the DNS of the domain you want to use for your website is updated. You need to set up a CName record on the domain you want to use for your mobile site. This needs to point to lb.goMobi.info.

Can I add multiple domains to point to my goMobi site?

Yes. Just make sure that you update the DNS of the domains that you want to use.

How can I buy my 30-day trial site?

Should you wish to keep your goMobi site permanently, you may do so by visiting one of our resellers, and making a purchase. You can find resellers here.

You may also copy the demo site that you created over to your new paid goMobi site. To do this:

  1. Visit your goMobi demo site Control Panel
  2. Click on the Tools Tab at the top of the page
  3. The last item on the drop-down list that appears along the left is titled “Copy Site”
  4. Request a Configuration token in the "Copy Site" dialog
  5. Copy and paste this token into the same place on your new paid goMobi site

FAQs for Partners

What Partner plans do you offer?

You can become a Partner by signing up on this website and simply paying for each site you create. If you have a large customer base (more than 50,000 customers) and a technical team to integrate our API, you can apply to become a Volume Partner.

What is included with my partner account?

The following is included with every goMobi package:

  • - Hosting of the goMobi site
  • - Unlimited access to our Admin Dashboard to create and manage sites, run reports etc.
  • - Unlimited Control Panel access for your end customers to create and modify their mobile website
  • - Automatic feature updates
  • - Unlimited email support
  • - Access to our Partner Portal containing Marketing materials, videos datasheets etc.

Can I create Free Trial sites?

Yes. You can create Free Trial sites, Monthly Sites or Annual sites in your goMobi Admin dashboard.

What information do I need to get started?

You will need to have your Credit Card details and your VAT number [if applicable] to hand before you start the sign up process.

Is the $150 Partner signup fee a one-time fee?

Yes, you only pay this once to join our Partner Program. Then you simply pay the monthly/yearly subscription fee for each new site you create.

Is the Partner fee refundable?

No. Unfortunately this is non-refundable.

Can I cancel my Account at any time?


Do I need technical experience to use your dashboard?

No. Our dashboard is a simple to use web interface that does not require any coding experience.

Can my customers access the Control Panel tool to create/make edits to their site?

Yes. A unique username and password is generated for each site created in your account. These can be retrieved from the 'Site details' area of that site in your Dashboard.

Can I pay for sites on a monthly basis?

Yes. You can pay for sites on a monthly or yearly basis, it is up to you.

Is there a discount if I pay for sites annually?

Yes. If you purchase a site annually you get two months free.

Can I create sites for free?

Yes. You can create as many sites as you want to for free and they will be active for 30 days.

Can I create sites to renew automatically?

Yes. You can do this when you first create the site or at any time during the lifecycle of the site. You can also deactivate the auto-renew option at any time.

How do I pay for sites?

You pay for sites as you create them. A relevant credit card is required. Any monthly recurring payments will automatically be deducted from the credit card we have on file for you.

Is my Credit Card information secure?

Yes. Your credit card information is encrypted and your transactions are safe and secure. Your credit card information is completely private and will never be shared. We do not store customer Credit Card information, all credit card details will be stored by our payment gateway company who will store it on their secure payment gateway for as long as necessary to carry out the terms of your subscription.

If a customer wants to discontinue the service mid-term how is the billing affected?

The full subscription period will have been billed by goMobi at the start of a subscription. No refund is offered for a customer discontinuing mid-term. You will need to cancel their site via the 'Dashboard' or choose to let it expire after the selected term.

Do you offer a white label version of your platform?

Yes. It is available to add to your cart in the payment flow for an additional charge.

FAQ's for Volume Partners

Do I need to do any technical work to become a Integrated Partner?

Yes. You need to either integrate our API, or our cPanel/WHMCS plugin or Parallels APS Plugin to be a volum partner. Integration is only necessary for volume partners. Our standard partner program does not require integration.

Can I have downstream partners?

Yes. It is possible to setup downstream partners.

Can I have a white label Solution?

Yes. Branding can be customized for partners and each of their downstream partners independent of each other.

Can I customize the feature set offered?

Yes. You have full control over the features that display to your customers. The feature set can also be customized for each of your downstream partners.

Can I add custom Icon sets?

Yes. You can add custom icon sets to display on your customer's Control Panel. You can also assign different icon sets to each of your downstream partners.

Can I add additional languages?

Yes. Please contact your account manager for more details

Can I customize the languages displayed?

Yes. You can activate/deactivate any of our standard 14 languages at any time. These can also be controlled for each of your downstream partners.

Is it possible to auto-populate goMobi sites for my customers?

Yes. Volume Partners can easily auto-populate goMobi sites for their customers using the goMobi configuration API. Please contact your goMobi Account Manager for more information.

How will I be billed for my sites?

You will receive an invoice at the end of each month for all of the active [non-free trial] sites in your account.

What type of sites can I create?

We have multiple options to choose from to fit with your business model.

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