Case Study: Endurance International Group (EIG)

"A mobile website is no longer optional for small businesses. We are excited about this, because the goMobi service provides our small business owners with a simple and affordable way to establish a powerful mobile presence quickly and to reach more potential customers."

Michael Kesselman, Endurance’s Executive VP, Product & Innovation

About Endurance

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Endurance International Group's (EIG) main business objective is to help small businesses succeed online. Endurance aim to help them navigate the promise, power and potential of the web.

EIG offer the goMobi web solution across several of its hosting brands.


There were a number of strategic considerations that drove EIG to a seek mobile-centric web solution for their product portfolio:

EIG decided to integrate goMobi’s mobile-first web solution into their product offering as it allowed them to become a "one-stop-shop" for their customers.


After evaluating many solutions on the market, EIG chose goMobi as the best fit for their business. EIG were highly confident in the quality of the goMobi product, which outperformed competitor offerings in several key areas, including site performance, design quality, and reliability of the platform.

EIG were also impressed with the goMobi product vision. With a product roadmap in line with their business needs they were confident that they could deliver a robust mobile-friendly web product offering to their customers, aligned with best practice and developments in web and mobile design and development.

goMobi also dovetailed with EIG’s expansion into mobile-first countries, where internet traffic is predominantly mobile. goMobi is available in over 22 languages and supports site creation either with or without existing desktop site content.


After a straight forwarded integration process, EIG saw immediate results with the goMobi product EIG have now rolled out goMobi across several of its Web hosting brands, making goMobi available to more than two million new customers. goMobi has become a strong and growing revenue stream for EIG. Customers see the value in the product, resulting in higher satisfaction and lower customer churn rates.

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