Case Study: OpenSRS

Adam Einser

"goMobi offers the innovation and reliability our customers require in a value-added service. It is a robust platform that helps our customers drive revenue by capitalising on the opportunity that mobile web has presented."

Adam Eisner, Director, OpenSRS product management.

About OpenSRS

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OpenSRS is the wholesale unit of Tucows, exclusively focused on the needs of resellers. Through a network of over 13,000 web hosts, internet service providers and web companies, OpenSRS manages domain names, email addresses, digital security products and web publishing tools for millions of small and medium businesses owners worldwide. goMobi is used by small medium business organizations who purchase from OpenSRS’s web hosting and web design partners.


OpenSRS faced a number of challenges that integrating a mobile website builder into their reseller platform would address.

Mobile web usage has exploded: With 91% of all people on Earth owning a mobile phone and 50% of those using it as their primary Internet source*, mobile could no longer be ignored. Businesses were seeing more of their web traffic coming from mobile, driving the demand for mobile solutions.

Provide new value-added services: OpenSRS strive to provide their reseller channel with compelling new value-added services. OpenSRS looked for a new offering that could be easily added to a shopping cart, not only driving additional revenue per user but also helping develop deeper customer relationships.

In-house development is not sustainable: Web hosting companies were realizing that building and maintaining their own web publishing solutions, were both a costly and an ineffective use of time. OpenSRS felt it was worth the investment to integrate a solution that enabled their customers to offer a competitive mobile web publishing solution without having to invest much time or money in development resources.
*(Super Monitoring 2013)


Example of OpenSRS Mobile Website

OpenSRS knew that a lot of pent-up demand existed in their channel for a mobile website publishing platform and goMobi was the perfect solution to fill that demand. OpenSRS chose goMobi for the following reasons:

  • A strong relationship already existed with dotMobi through the .MOBI registry, giving OpenSRS confidence they were choosing a partner who was both reliable and trustworthy.

  • The implementation of goMobi was straightforward due to the clear integration processes and structure of the product APIs. This meant integration was quick, with little impact on development resources.

  • OpenSRS were also impressed with dotMobi’s ongoing commitment to regularly update the goMobi mobile website publishing platform with the latest in mobile trends and technologies.


goMobi helped OpenSRS take advantage of the market opportunity by allowing them to offer their customers a comprehensive mobile website publishing platform.

goMobi was immediately adopted by a wide range of global customers in the OpenSRS channel. It was one of the most successful initial product launches OpenSRS has undertaken. With the product in 22 languages, it was selected by companies right across the OpenSRS worldwide reseller network.

Since the launch of goMobi, OpenSRS have seen consistent growth and adoption of the product.

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